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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Best laid plans...

We appear to have hit a snag. Or is it a slub? Yesterday I went over to my local needlework store to see if they could match my mystery fabric. I was hoping it'd be a simple painless process. I should have known it wouldn't be nearly that easy. We went through nearly every neutral/beige/off-white fabric sample they had in the store. The closest thing was the Jobelan Lambswool and even that was way off the mark. We know it's a 28 count and we think it's an evenweave. It doesn't have the scratchy feel of a linen, so maybe it has some cotton in it. Maybe it really is like going through piles of old socks for that one off-white pair. This one's too yellow, that's one's not bright enough, that has the wrong consistency... *sighs* So I'm still looking for my dream fabric. I may see if I can visit one of the other stores in the area, either Scarlet Thread in Vienna or In Stitches in Alexandria.


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