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Thursday, October 04, 2007

SBQ - Online stores

My first annual US Openalong was quite successful. Despite a bad frogging incident that threatened my stitcher's morale, I gamely carried on. In the end, I made some good progress on my main WIP, Mirabilia's Garden Verses. I haven't nearly kept up the pace since then, but every little bit helps in these large projects.

What are your favorite online stitching supply sources?

Elegant Stitch immediately comes to mind as a favorite. I adored quite a few specialty fibers from them, including the Old Willow Stitchery's Quaker line. They regularly update their website with new goodies and report from the Nashville trade show. They're more of a brick and mortar store that has a major online presence. As a fan of samplers and specialty threads, I also adore the Canadian Traditional Stitches. I was particularly interested in Amy Mitten's Fibers To Dye For, which have beautiful muted colors and ghoulish names. She's also designed samplers and projects using her threads, all that evoke the old style samplers.

Speaking of fibers, Vicki Clayton is running a nice little deal where if you send her a SASE, she'll send you back samples of her hand dyed six stranded silk floss on a half yard tags. I was expecting maybe one sample, but I received five! I received: Mermaid Blue, Oeillet, Buff, Ultra Maroon and Dark Burgundy. Those last two colors are particularly pretty, but I'm a sucker for the purple ranges. They're silky smooth to the touch. I don't know what I can do with a half yard of floss yet, but colors! Pretties! Silks!



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