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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I need a new project obviously...

So the cross stitch bug is back.

Or I have to assume so, if I'm thinking seriously about starting a new project.

I was looking at Ink Circles' new Celtic Mystery Stitchalong. A Mystery is where there's a piece of the project revealed each month. This one looks like a Celtic parchment. Loving all things Celtic, I went "Oooh, I could do that!" until I looked at the dimensions of the full piece and boggled a little. But I saved the first pdf for future reference. You never know. I'll need to do a bit of thinking for colors/fabric anyway.

Maybe I'll start a little smaller with one of their other complimentary charts. I'm eyeing the purple one for May, especially since I might have all the supplies I'd need. I still have TIAG's Needlepaints in my stash. The purple range would be perfect. The only minus of this designer is they work in generalities. They feel you should be free to pick out your own colorways, rather than be hidebound by what has worked in a precise design. And while that's lovely in theory, some of us are better off letting others choose colors. Ooh, they have blackwork too...

There are a pair of color packs, both a "Rainbow Brite" and the more muted colorway chosen by the designer. I know the colors in Celtic artwork are bright, but not that bright!

I'm trying to come up with a conversion for Vikki Clayton's pretty silks. Her board is really helpful so far. I should have plenty of time to make my fabric/floss choices before the next section is released. I think I might have a fabric color, but I'll have to find out what it is, because the piece I have isn't big enough. I really need to write the fabric count and color somewhere when I buy them. The frame of the carpet page is huge.



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