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Thursday, May 25, 2006

Scary Book progress

As I mentioned in the "Five More Minutes" post, I had a second Pocket Dragon UFO called "Scary Book". I've been stitching steadily on this project since I finished "Five More Minutes", much to the dismay of my Mirabilia WIP, who must now feel like she's being deserted in her garden.

In retrospect, I should have scanned this before I started to give you some idea where I stopped before. Basically I had done most of the dragon and background on the left side. The arch and background below him will take some time. Most of them are shades of grey which sometimes makes it difficult to find my place.

I've been amused by the response to the Pocket Dragons thus far. Everyone loves them and wishes they could find their own copies. Sadly they've been out of print for a looooong time. I still have no idea where my original copies disappeared to. I bought them from the Dancing Dragon catalog. Last year, a vendor at MediaWest was selling old used cross stitch charts and both in the collection. Besides ebay and its equivalents, I'd check to see people's chart sales/trades. Maybe someone will want to part with them.



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