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Friday, May 12, 2006

Frogs and pocket dragons

In my post about "Five More Minutes", I mentioned that it has a sibling UFO "Scary Book". That UFO actually was one for two reasons, not just one. The main one was I'd misplaced my copy of the chart. The second more irritating reason was I had made an error. I could see the error quickly after comparing the chart and project a few times. I'm wondering if this is fourteen years of hard won experience showing up or just dumb luck. Probably a combination of the two. The irritating part is figuring out where the end is for that section. I wound up having to frog the whole shell of the poor dragon's tail before I was even close.

The background is going to drive me insane with all those greys and dark blues. I may focus on finishing off the dragon before I attack those areas just yet.



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