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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Book of Ink Circles updated finally!

I've been slowly getting back into working on my Book of Ink Circles project. I ran out of several major colors, which slowed me down. After reordering from Vikki Clayton, I've been slowly getting parts done during the hockey playoffs. I'm still not wild about either shades of blue, especially the lighter one.

Uncertain what to do next, I asked the designer. Tracy Horner offered some color suggestions. One idea was to swap the blues, making Magpie Warbles the dominant color in this corner and using my purple as a shadow. The end result created an interesting z effect with the center cross because of the way Mahogany variegated. I found I liked the old Ultra Maroon I still had left over. (I don't know if it's the new floss or a dyelot issue, but all of my colors are a lot lighter than before. Serves me right for not buying enough at the time.)

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