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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Celtic Swirls

Hello everyone. I realize I haven't posted much in awhile. Truthfully I've hit a bit of a dry patch on needlework, but hopefully that's changing. I didn't go to Stitch N Pitch this year, but I understand we lost to the Orioles again.

A couple of weeks ago, Tracy Horner sent out this "Celtic Spiral" Ink Spot freebie for those that subscribed to her mailing list. So I went through my stash for a suitable small piece of linen and some Hand Dyed Fibers silk floss to go with it.

Unfortunately I can't give you color names, because they'll all HDF d-bag/mystery spool colors, so they're usually not labeled. They off-colors -- ones where the dye wasn't quite right or where she was trying out a color combination. Her grab bags are great for small projects like this one.

The red and purple spools are both variegated. The red was mixed with a brownish shade, while the other combines different shades of purple, along with blue or black.

I finished it last night, despite the onset of frogs last week. The one thing you have to be careful of with samplers or motif oriented needlework is spacing. If you're off by just a hair, it throws everything else off. And sometimes it's a pain figuring out where you went wrong. This is unfortunately where cross stitch earns its reputations for being all about counting and swearing.

I have one or two other projects in mind to return to needlework. Not forgetting the great Book of Ink Circles. It will get done... eventually.

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