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Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Latest progress

I apologize for not posting recently. I've been spending some time on other smaller needlework projects besides "Romeo & Juliet". The blends are a headache. I suppose I could try to have several needles prepped before I start a session, but I never know what I'll feel like working on next. I started working on the top of the pattern, stitching some of Juliet's balcony. I'll wait to post a scan when it's nearer completion. Right now, it's missing a few too many railings.

Teresa Wentzler is reportedly disappointed that more people aren't stitching "Romeo and Juliet". The kit probably dissuades some people. They prefer kitting up patterns, gathering the supplies, on their own, with their own choice of fabric and floss and accessories. The pattern itself isn't the easiest for newcomers. If you've never done blends or fractional stitches before, this pattern might be a nightmare.

Tangentially related, I saw "Shakespeare in Love" for the first time recently, which features that classic "Romeo and Ethel - the Pirate's Daughter." Somehow talking about great actresses who have played Ethel doesn't have the same effect, does it? Gwyneth Paltrow was adequate, though I still don't see the fuss with her. Joseph Fiennes was a *yummy* Shakespeare. Imagine if we had sat in English class knowing William Shakespeare looked and spoke like that?